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Maths - Today we are taking a look at halves and quarters (WALT: Associate halves and quarters with decimals). Go through the Powerpoint slides before working through each level of the worksheets.

WILF: Know fractions and decimals are linked. Show the decimal or fraction representation of halves and quarters.

Teacher challenge: What would 0.34 be as a fraction?


English - This week we are looking at beginning writing our own narrative linked to 'The Viking's In My Bed' story.

1. For the 'Who?' story bag, take a look at the given section of text and pick out the adjectives that describe the character Sigurd. Then write noun phrases expanded by adjectives to describe him. Challenge: Use noun phrases expanded by prepositional phrases.

2. For the 'Where?' story bag, take a look at the given slides to support your own mind map of the senses to describe a misty scene of a Viking Longship at sea (WALT: Use descriptive detail to evoke a setting).

Try to include these elements of the WILF:

  • Colour adjectives/ adjectives
  • Similes
  • Alliteration
  • Personification
  • Teacher challenge: Metaphors


RE - Continue the work you began last week (WALT: Explore teaching which act as guides for living within Judaism, Christianity and a non-relifious belief system). For Humanism, take a look at the video on the link. Then design a poster for either Humanist or Christianity 'golden rule' to persuade people to follow the golden rule. Include what the rule is and include reasons why it would be a good thing.