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Maths - We are continuing our work on dividing by 10 and 100 today to make decimal numbers. Take a look at the worksheet and divide each number in the planes by 10 and then by 100. The answers will be in the parachutes below. Match each plane to the two correct parachutes.


English - Yesterday, we worked on editing sentences if they had errors made. This might have been spelling errors, grammar errors, missing words or missing punctuation. Apply what you learnt yesterday to the worksheet/paragraph today. Re-write the given paragraph, editing the errors made. 


RE - Begin with the fluency test questions to recap our previous learning. Then take a look at the video (see below) which is a parable. Jesus helped inspire his followers through stories (parables). After watching the video, draw a tree and on each branch write a small act of kindness that could be done either in school or at home. On the leaves, add how these might make other people feel or act as a result.