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Wednesday 25/11/20

Wednesday 25th November



Spelling focus: Practise next week's spellings using Look, Cover, Write, Check

SPAG focus: Understanding and using plurals.

Read through the powerpoint to learn about what plurals are and how regular and irregular words change their spelling when they are in the plural form. Then, write out the singular and plural form for these words, and if you would like to challenge yourself, put them into sentences: toy, cat, chair, pencil, book; church, bush, kiss, dish, box; baby, teddy, party, lolly, pony.


Today we are going to learn about odd and even numbers.

Listen to this song

Now use cubes or pasta to investigate odd and even numbers. 

Have a some cubes/pasta eg 5.Can they be put in 2s? Why? why not? Repeat with 8 cubes/pasta, etc etc. The number that can be put in pairs are even and the ones that can't be put in pairs are odd. Practise with different number of cubes/pasta.

Now solve the worksheet.


We are going to continue our topic on materials and identify and classify the uses of everyday materials. This is a practical lesson. You can use the worksheet or draw your own table.

Go on a short walk or explore your house and garden, looking out for everyday materials being used in different ways. Record the uses in your table. Have a look at the PowerPoint if you need more support.

Challenge: use your observation to answer these questions:

  •  What different uses did you find?
  • Is there any way we can group some similar uses together?
  • Can you group similar uses of materials together?