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Wednesday 18th November

You're half-way giraffes!

Todays lessons are as followed:

English - Use your boxing up plan from yesterday to help you create a detailed non-chronological report based on giraffes. Remember to use the checklist to ensure you apply all over the techniques and features we have explored over the last few weeks. 

Phonics - recap the 'au' sound. Read words containing the phoneme and try and work out which spelling is required for certain words.

Maths - Times tables practise.
Art - Recap the artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Look at his painting 'The Starry Night' and unpick the techniques used. Try and use different manipulatives (pencils, crayons, paint etc) to help you recreate his style. Try and create swirls, circles, lines and dashes. Which manipulative is most effective?


If you would like to complete further tasks then remember you can read your book to an adult, practice your spellings or times tables or even complete some Lexia at home if you would usually complete this in school.