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Wednesday 18/11/20

Wednesday 18th November


Spelling focus: Practise next week's spellings using Look, Cover, Write, Check

SPAG focus: Practise using the Past Tense in writing. 

Complete the table on Page 1 of the worksheet by identifying verbs in either present or past tense.  Then move on to Page 2 and correct the mistakes in this paragraph of writing.  Copy the paragraph out correctly. 


Today we are going to solve missing number problems and apply our learning from Monday and Tuesday. Start with the green problems in your worksheet. Do at least 5 and then move on to do some orange and red missing number problems, or you can continue to do the green ones.

Remember that multiplication is the opposite of division and vice versa. Think about the multiplication and division fact families. You can draw groups or arrays to solve these problems.


This week we are going to start our next science topic- Materials. 

Today we are going to look at the 'suitability of a variety of different materials.'

Go through the PowerPoint presentation and think about the uses of everyday material.

Use the activity sheet * and match the materials to their uses.

Then use the pre drawn tables on the activity sheet ** and look at the Uses of Everyday Materials Photo Cards to help identify uses of everyday materials.

Ext: Can you answer these questions in the extension activity?