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Wednesday 11th November



In Year 1, all children nationally are expected to undertake the 'Phonics Screening Check' to assess their word reading/phonics skills. You will find out more about this in the near future but as a general introduction, within this check children are presented with 40 words - half real words and half fake/'alien' words in which they have to apply their phonics knowledge accurately in order to be able to read the words.

At school today, the children would be having their first practise at a screening check which your child will be able to do on their return. To get them ready for this and also help you to see where any of their current gaps are with their phonics sounds, please play the game resourced below.


The majority of children would be expected to be able to read the phase 3 words so this would be a good starting point.

If this is too easy for your child, you could progress to the phase 4 and phase 5 words but be mindful that they may not have come across some of the sounds within these yet within their phonics lessons. 


Do not feel you need to print the game board, you could draw your own ladders and use counters made from paper or tick in a different colour to mark the progression up the ladder. 


To find numbers more or less than a given number.


Depending on your child's confidence choose either to fine 1 more and 1 less than given numbers (below 10 or below 20) or if you think your child is confident with this then you can introduce them to finding 10 more or 10 less than given number.


Ask your child if you add 1 or 10 more to a number does the number get bigger or smaller? Repeat for 1 or 10 less than a given number.


Using the support resources (number line, hundred square or even using objects around the house e.g. lego) show your child what happens when you add 1/10 more and 1/10 less.


If you are finding 10 more/less you could show this on the hundred square, jumping up or down a row.


Choose an activity and ask your child to complete this in their home learning book. If your child is choosing the green (1star) activity they can copy this into their book.



Share the PDF PowerPoint resourced below to introduce Guy Fawkes and some question prompts. 

For those also isolating last week, this will lead on from the historical enquiry lesson and reveal who the person they were making guesses about really was. For those who were at school last week- they will already know who Guy Fawkes is but still use the PowerPoint to reiterate their learning and also reveal what the objects were. 


Next, share the second PDF PowerPoint to either introduce (for those home learning last week) and reiterate (for those who were at school last week) the main events behind the Gunpowder Plot.


Support your child in creating a 'fact-file' (template resourced below) or a poster (they can present in any way they like) with all the facts they know about Guy Fawkes. They can use the PowerPoint to help them or you could do some further research together following their interests.