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Wednesday 11/12/20

Wednesday 11th November



Spelling focus: Practise next week's spellings using Look, Cover, Write, Check

SPAG focus: Practise using expanded noun phrases for descriptions.  

Trace the Monster outline onto a blank piece of paper.  Give the monster eyes, a nose, a mouth etc and colour it in.  Now describe your monster by using expanded noun phrases in a sentence, for example: My monster has huge, hairy feet. Remember that the expanded noun phrase should be an adjective then a comma (,) then another adjective followed by the noun that you are describing.



Today we will continue our work on division. Look at the PowerPoint slides from slide 12. Solve the problems on slides 13, 14 and 15 with a grown up. Then try worksheet 1, 2 and then try the challenge question. Remember to use division vocabulary to explain how you worked out your answers.



Have a look at the knowledge organiser for Animals including humans and try to remember what you have learnt last term. Complete the fluency test for Animals including humans.