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WC 9th November 2020

Monday 9th November



Maths: Negative Numbers


Go through looking at negative numbers. Can you identify which numbers are bigger (numbers closest to 0) and which numbers are smaller (numbers furthest away from 0). Use this knowledge to complete the worksheet activity at the bottom of this webpage. You will need to remember what these signs mean...   >         <        =



English: Biographies 

Today you will be looking at a biography. Can you identify what features are used when writing a biography? Use the biography features help sheet to pick out where the key features are on the text. You can either print out the biography and shade in the features using colours, or copy out the sentence, telling me which feature you have chosen.



RE: Diwali Celebrations.


Read through the powerpoint to find out why Diwali is celebrated. Then choose a craft to complete. If you can't print out the sheets perhaps you could draw a picture showing the Diwali story, or colour in a Rangoli Pattern! 

Tuesday 10th November



Maths- Negative Numbers

Complete the Maths activity below. If you open the document you will find all of the activities needed.




Today you will be creating a 'Text map' biography. Using the biography of Winston Churchill go through each paragraph changing the text into pictures. Go through the document below to help you. 




This term we will be looking at Hockey. I would like you to use the internet to research all about Hockey! Find out things like; How many people are on a team? What are the rules? How do you score points? etc. 


After you have researched, think about what exercise you could do in a warm up right before a hockey lesson and give it a practise! 

Wednesday 11th November




Open the Word Document below to find out your task for today

Open the English Task sheet below and follow the activities. 



Read through the presentation and use the data sheets to complete the task