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W/C 6th July 2020

Here is this week's timetable and the resources you will need.

PE Daily Activity

This week's Derbyshire School Games daily activities are themed around racket sports.


Maths - This week for Maths we are revising our fractions work. Today, we are working on adding and subtracting fractions. Take a look at the poster and video to remind you how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Then complete the two worksheets. There is also a word problems challenge to complete as well.


English - Complete the Dolphins 1, 2 or 3 star reading comprehension. Afterwards, check your answers to see how you did.


Geography - Today, we are looking at why people might be attracted to live in a city. Compare living in a city (Urban) to the countryside (Rual) in the first activity. Then choose your own European city to write an explanation about why people are attacted to living there. You might need to do some online research to support your work.


Maths - Today, there is a 1, 2 or 3 star activity to complete about tenths and hundredths as fractions and decimals. Choose one level of the activities or complete them all. Once you have finished, there is an extension to write your own numbers with up to 2 decimals places and draw some of your own representations of these.


Spanish - Take a look at the word mats for holidays and seaside words in Spanish. Then try the given website, which takes your through different games to learn the vocabulary. Once you have worked through the activities on the website, complete the two written activities.


Maths - Today, we are looking at finding fractions of quantities/amounts. First, watch the video to recap your understanding and view the Powerpoint with Mr Almeida (click on each of the sound clips when viewing in presentation mode). Then complete the worksheets. You might want to go straight for the mixed unit and non-unit fractions questions or start with just unit fractions to begin with.


English - This week, we will be writting a persuasive advert. Today, take a look at the WAGOLL advert and find the persuasive features included in the text. Either annotate, colour code or list examples of the features you find.


PSHCE - Make a keeping safe poster to make people aware of hazards around outside (e.g. railway lines, traffic, building sites, water) and how to stay safe.


English - Complete a box up plan (use the headings to structure your planning in your workbook) for your own persuasive advert. Choose to advertise a product you know or invent your own product.


English - Write up your persuasive advert. Use your planning from Thursday and the features from the WAGOLL on Wednesday.


Art - Take a look at the picture example for today's outdoor art activity. Make your own cut out shape and take some photos while outside, on a walk or in your house. Please send your photos to Miss Barrett on Class Dojo, she would love to see them.

Spellings this week (Prefix bi-):