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w/c 6/9/21




Complete the differentiated reading comprehension. Read the passage and answer the questions. You can choose to do 1star, 2star or 3 star.


We are starting our maths block on number and place value. Use the link below to make different 2-digit numbers.

Then independently recreate a number card to show a 2 digit number in tens and units/ones.

Write the number eg 34 then draw 3 sticks and 4 dots to represent the 3 tens and 4 units.

Continue to do this with a range of numbers. You can also challenge yourself and explain in a sentence how they made 97 eg 97 is made up of 9 tens and 7 units. 

Then complete the teacher challenge if you are confident.




Write about your new classroom  using lots of exciting words to describe it.  You can focus on one thing in particular (eg a display, book corner etc) or you can write about lots of different things. Challenge yourself by writing in paragraphs with at least 3-4 sentences in each.

You can also write about what is your favourite thing about your new classroom. 



Choose any ten photos from maths resources below and write the numbers. You can also write an addition number sentence next to the numbers . Example 30 + 4 =  34 .Then complete the teacher challenge.




Discuss with a grown up where you would use full stops and capital letters in sentences. Write out sentences with correct punctuation and use of capital letters or other punctuation like commas, exclamation marks and question marks. There are 3 levels and an extension.



Use the worksheet to complete the problems. Then, complete the teacher challenge.




Go through the PowerPoint. then use the colour coded worksheets to make sentences using the colour format 

Noun + verb + stop

Challenge yourself by adding conjunctions to your sentences.

Now can you make your own sentences?





Practise spellings for your spelling test next week using the look, cover, write, check method.


This is a problem solving activity where you have to guess the number. There are 3 levels of challenges. green problems are the easiest and red ones are the hardest. Challenge yourself to solve all 3. Then complete the teacher challenge.