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w/c 6/12/21




Today we are starting our block on fractions. Go through the PowerPoint to learn about how to write a fraction and how to recognise it. Cut out some circles, squares and rectangles (template in the folder if you need it), then try to fold them in half and quarter. Colour in 1/2 and 1/4. Can you try out with other shapes like an oval or a diamond. Remember that 1/2 is 1 part of 2 equal parts. 

Feeling confident? Then try and complete the teacher challenge.


Complete the differentiated reading comprehension. Read the passage and answer the questions. You can choose to do 1star, 2star or 3 star.




Play the game (level 1, 2, 3- only)

Work through the Oblong fractions worksheet. Work out as a fraction how much of the oblongs have been shaded and record next to the oblong on the sheet. Then try the teacher challenge.

You can also play a game by clicking on the link below.




Read the piece of text and proof read to identify any spelling, punctuation or verb tense errors. Then you need to correct the errors. Use the year 2 and year 1 common exceptions spelling list to help you.




Play the game on

Go through the fraction PowerPoint. Work out these fraction number sentences

I have 12 objects.

1/3 of my objects is..?

¼ of my objects is..?

2/4 of my objects is..?

¾ of my objects is…?

½ of my objects is…?

Remember to draw groups to show how you worked it out and then record your answers. Try with 24 objects.

Then complete the teacher challenge.


Today we are going to learn how to use the suffix -er and -est. We use the suffix ‘er’ when we are comparing one thing to another, and ‘est’ when we are comparing three things or more.

There are exceptions to the rule with irregular words.  Words that end with ‘e’ just have ‘r’ or ‘st’ on the end (eg ‘safe’, late’). Words ending in ‘y’ – change the ‘y’ for an ‘i’ then add the ‘er’ or ‘est’. 

Practise by choosing an activity from the PowerPoint.

Choose 4 sentences to complete with the correct -er or -est suffix. Write the whole sentence out in books. Then complete the challenge sentences which include words ending in e and y. Write these sentences out in books too.



Think about your forest school activities. Complete the planning sheet. Use the your planning to write a recount, making sure that you use a range of adjectives, conjunctions and good vocabulary to make it interesting to read. Remember that a recount is always written in the past tense. Aim for paragraphs too if you want to challenge yourself.




Complete the Mymaths homework on 'Simple Fractions'.


Practise spellings for your spelling test next week using the look, cover, write, check method.