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w/c 3rd May

Thursday 6th May


Lesson  1 - Yoga Session


Lesson 2 - Maths Assessment


Lesson 3 - Maths - Percentages of Amounts


Lesson 4 - Maths - Adding and Subtracting Decimals


The children should complete the activities in the order they are listed. 

Friday 7th May

Lesson 1 - Spelling Skills

The children should complete the handwriting sheet and also write a sentence with each of this weeks spelling words on. Try and write a sentence with a relative clause in. See resources below.


Lesson 2 - Persuasive Letter - Independent Assessment 


Write a persuasive letter to Mrs Houseman to persuade her to let Year 6 at Dovedale do some fun things at the end of the year.

Spend plenty of time planning the letter and think carefully about the following things.

Think about the features of a persuasive letter.

Give reasons why you should

How would it start and end?

What type of language will you use?

What will each paragraph need to contain?

Once you have completed the letter start to check through and edit to include all of those Year 6 writing features we talk about so often.


Lesson 3 - Spelling Test - Test your child on the spelling words posted last week and let me know the result.


Lesson 4 - RE - Research Lesson


What is a religious missionary?


Research into the following three missionaries:

Mother Teresa

George Muller

Hudson Taylor


What were they famous for?

What did they do?

When did they complete their missionary work?

Which of them had the most impact on other people?