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W/C 29th Dec 21

Monday 29th December 





Tuesday 30th December 2021



Design and Technology 


This week the children will begin making their cross-stitch Christmas card. 

Watch these YouTube videos to familiarise yourself with how to cross-stitch on binka fabric and write down any additional stitching techniques you would like to use. Pattern's can be practised on a plain piece of paper using a range of colours. 


Tutorial - 


Sewing techniques - 

Wednesday 1st December 2021



Religious Studies

In the Powerpoint presentation slides, read through slides; 19, 20 and 21.

Watch this video link

Answer the following questions:

Why do some people in Mumbai have to live in ‘shanty towns’?

What are the problems with living in such a place?

What do you think about the Sarghar’s living conditions?

Draw a timeline in your books with Gandhi’s birth date, significant events and death date.

Which events tell us the most about him?

Which should be remembered?

Write them on the timeline.

Thursday 2nd December 2021



Friday 3rd December 2021

English Lesson one

Click on the link below and watch the video 'The Enormous Pumpkin'. Then using the emotion thesaurus grid, write down sentences about how the Farmer was feeling throughout the sequence of events. 


Year 4 Bingo Board

Complete 2 bingo board activities of your choice. The Bingo board can be accessed on Michael Morpurgo's main class page under home learning.