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w/c 24th May

This week is assessment week and as such I won't be posting a daily lesson structure.


The assessments that need to be completed can be done in any order throughout the week and are as follows and :


Maths Arithmetic

Maths Paper 1

Maths Paper 2




Grammar Punctuation and Spelling 


Spelling Test


The activities below are for you to complete throughout the rest of the week and perhaps in the afternoons.


Once you have completed the spelling test, for any words you got incorrect use the look, cover, write check method to practise these. Then put the words into a sentence to show you understanding the meaning.



Hooking the reader - view the powerpoint in full screen, as it doesn't work correctly without that. The powerpoint talks about different ways of hooking a reader with different techniques. Look at each technique then write 2 examples for each technique. You should then write the opening to a story using all of the techniques shown. Make sure the techniques flow and aren't just a list of sentences.


Spelling List - You'll need some help from an adult for this one and you'll need to break it down into sections to avoid doing the whole thing in 1 go! Use the spelling assessment list with the Y5-6 words on to test all of those words and see how you get on. Perhaps do this on 3 different days to make it easier and more manageable. Let me know how many you got correct!


My Maths - Log in to your My Maths account and have a look at all the tasks I've set you. Complete as many of them as you can this week. Don't forget to use the online lessons before you complete the tasks.


Mindfulness Activity - Inside the bubbles, write something that you are grateful for then colour it in! By the end you should have lots of different things you're grateful for. You don't need to write something in each bubble, but colour them all in. You could then print this off and put it up on your bedroom door or wall to remind you of all the things you have in your life to be thankful for.