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w/c 22/11/21




Play division game

Look for patterns and understand the commutative law in multiplication and that multiplication is the inverse of division. Remember that division always starts with the biggest number.

Complete the worksheet and then try the teacher challenge.

Now, play another game on

1960's day activities

  • Dress up in your favourite 1960's fashion. Will it be Mod style, Hippy style or the Mary Quaint look?
  • Make a hat inspired by 1960's fashion. you can either make a flower hat to go with the hippy style look or make a geometric design hat to go with the Mod style look.
  • Make some 1960's party food. Chop up some bitsize pieces of food like cheese, fruit, sausages, etc. Use some cocktail sticks to make a party platter.
  • Dance to some 1960's disco music. 




Today we will be learning about odd and even numbers. Collect around 10 or 20 small objects. it can be lego pieces, beans, etc. Choose any number of things up to 10. Put them in groups of 2. What do you notice? Repeat with all numbers up to 10. The number that can be put in 2's or pairs, what do they end in? try with number of objects more than 10. What did you find out. Record it on a piece of paper/whiteboard.

Listen to this song

Now complete the worksheet followed by the teacher challenge.


Go through the PowerPoint. Look at how we use the suffix ‘er’ when we are comparing one thing to another, and ‘est’ when we are comparing three things or more. Practise by choosing an activity from the PowerPoint..


Complete the activities:

1 – adding the -er or -est suffixes to words.

2 – using words with -er or -est suffixes in sentences.

3 – adding the suffixes -er and -est to irregular words and using them in sentences.




Learn the 3,5 and 10 times tables using the links given below:

10 times tables song 

5 times tables song

3 times tables song

Then have a go at writing them yourself and then practise saying them independently.


Play this quiz on spelling rules for adding the suffix -ing

Write a recount of a fun day you have had. It might be your birthday, a day out or if you did a 1960's day at home. Remember to write in the past tense and in chronological order. Challenge yourself by including great adjectives and interesting sentence starters like eventually, meanwhile, after that, next, etc.




Complete the problem. you can also challenge yourself by answering some other questions on the problem like: What other sizes of box would hold them all?

Then play the functions machine game by yourself or with someone.


Practise spellings for your spelling test next week using the look, cover, write, check method.