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w/c 20/9/21




Complete the differentiated reading comprehension. Read the passage and answer the questions. You can choose to do 1star, 2star or 3 star.


Play the game by clicking the link below:

Try to find direct numbers within 100 and then finding numbers in between.

Then complete the worksheet followed by the teacher challenge.





Play this game to recap on capital letter and full stop rules:

We are going to learn about conjunctions today. Play the song – Conjunction Junction

There are two main types of conjunctions.  Coordinating - as in the song and subordinating.  They do different jobs:  coordinating words join two phrases together that are equally important eg ‘I went to the shop but it was closed’. Subordinating words join one main phrase to a less important one eg ‘When I go to the shop I will buy some milk.’

Go through the PowerPoint.

Write at least 3 co-ordinating and 3 subordinating sentences, starting with for example:  ‘I like bananas…’ then ‘The bell rang…’.


Complete the 1 less and 1 more worksheet. Then complete the teacher challenge.




Look at the Year 1 spelling words carefully. The try and spot the spelling mistakes in these activities. There are 4 levels. Complete as much as you can.


Complete the 10 more and 10 less worksheet by choosing any number between 1-100. Challenge yourself by solving the missing numbers in a hundred square worksheet. Here is an interactive 100 square to help you.