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W/C 1st June 2020

Here is this week's timetable and the resources you will need.

PE Daily Activity

This week's Derbyshire School Games daily activities are themed around Athletics.



Maths - This week's Maths will focus on statistics. Read through the Powerpoint slides and then complete both task 1 and 2. For task 2 there is a choice of either 1 star or 2/3 star.

English - Complete either the 1, 2 or 3 star reading comprehension about Captain Tom Moore.

Science - Most of our afternoons are focused on Science this week. Begin to take a look at electricity today by venturing around your house to see which appliances use electricity.


Maths - Read through the line graph activity sheet and interpret the data to give your answers to the questions, either 1 star or 3 star. Then you can check your answers.

Science - As you go through today's Powerpoint (uploaded in 3 parts) there are activities to complete. The first is a mind map and then an 'Electricity Experts' sheet/presentation plan.


Maths - Read through today's Powerpoint in presenation mode and have a go at the questions on the slides. Afterwards, try the activity sheet choosing 1, 2 or 3 star (diving/deeper/deepest).

English - Correct the spelling mistakes that have been circled on the worksheet.

Science - Continue to use the planning sheet (Electricity Experts) to plan your presentation ready for filming/creating on Friday.


Our next Zoom meeting is today at 11:15am!


English - This week's writing task is a recount of your half-term. Complete your planning today about at least 2/3 days of the week. Use the Powerpoint and features sheet to support your planning. 


English - Write your recount today.

Science - Using your planning from Tuesday and Wednesday, film or create your presentation today. I would love to see your finished work, so please send them on Class Dojo or by email!

Spellings this week (Y3/4 Statutory Words):