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w/c 13/9/21




Complete the differentiated reading comprehension. Read the passage and answer the questions. You can choose to do 1star, 2star or 3 star.


Fill/draw your own number line in your book using a ruler and the squares to help to write the digits by using the worksheets below. Explain why a number is before or after another number using your place value knowledge. Ex: 32 is smaller or before 45 because 32 has 3 tens and 45 has 4 tens and 3 tens is smaller than 4 tens.

Can you challenge yourself to draw your own number line and sequence numbers from any number?




Play this game to recap on capital letter and full stop rules:


Work through the sentences to identify correct places for capital letters and full stops.


Use capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

Use a capital letter for names of people, places and things.

Use a full stop at the end of sentences.

Use a comma or exclamation mark correctly.


Play ‘Guess the number’


Choose the sequencing game.

Complete the differentiated 'estimate numbers on a number line' worksheet. then complete the level 1 or level 2 challenge followed by the teacher challenge.




Go through the Capital Letters & Full Stops PowerPoint – choose an activity from slides 3, 4, or 5.

Complete the level 1 and level 2 sentences and identify where capital letters go and shouldn’t go, and adding full stops or appropriate punctuation. Do 4 in level 1 and then move on to level 2.


Go through the greater than and less than PowerPoint. Complete the worksheet or choose any two 2-digit numbers and write a number sentence using C  or >  or = sign. Can you explain using your place value knowledge. Ex: 24 < 52 because 2 tens in 24 is less than 5 tens in 52.

Then, complete the teacher challenge.




Make your own sentences from pictures but also working on improving them to make them longer and more interesting. Remember to follow the basic rules of sentence structure- capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 

Picture 1 – Write 4 sentences using at least 3 words from the picture.

Picture 2 - Write 4 sentences using at least 3 words from the picture plus and / because.

Picture 3 - Write 4 sentences using at least 4 words from the picture plus and / because / so / but.

Extension: Join up the jigsaw pieces to make sentences (green + blue + yellow).

Make time to edit / proof read your sentences to check them.


Learn the 5 and 10 times tables using the links given below:

10 times tables song 

5 times tables song

Then have a go at writing them yourself and then practise saying them independently.




Practise spellings for your spelling test next week using the look, cover, write, check method.


Today we are going to compare, order and solve problems from 0-100 using the <> and= signs. Solve the level 1 worksheet and then move on to the challenge worksheet. If confident, complete the teacher challenge too.