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w/c 09.11.20

Monday 09 November 


Literacy - Reading Comprehension

Choose the level most appropriate to your child's reading ability.

Yellow / Blue book band: Stop Telling Fibs! (choose the 1* questions)

Green / Orange book band: Stop Telling Fibs! (choose 3* questions)

Turquoise / Purple / Accelerated Reader 1.5-2.5: The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse (choose 2* text and questions)

Accelerated Reader 2.6 +: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (choose 3* text and questions)


Start from the Paper 1(L) addition and subtraction test and then move on to papers 2(M), 3(M) and 4(H). You don't have to do all the papers if you find them too hard.


In our last history lesson we learned about cars and transport in the 1960's.  This lesson is about the significant event of the M1 opening. The M1 was first opened in 1959, but the section near us was opened in 1966.  Look through the powerpoint which shows some of the things that would have needed to be considered during the development of the M1 (slide 1) .  Continue to slide 2 to learn about the impact that it had on the local environment.  Slide 3 explains the benefits of having the M1. 

Complete the worksheet considering how the opening of the M1 would have changed the lives of these groups of people. 

Tuesday 10th November 


Today we will be using adjectives and noun phrases to describe each of the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  What do you know about their personalities?  Watch this film clip and / or read through the extracts of the book to remind you if you need to.

Complete the planning sheet with ideas for your character descriptions.  On Thursday you will be writing this up in complete sentences, so notes are fine for today. Aim for at least 3 ideas for each character. 


We will be starting to learn about division this week. Go through the PowerPoint till slide 10. Work through the problems using cubes or objects that are available at home (like dried pasta or dried beans). Then solve the worksheet. Attempt the challenge worksheet if confident.

Wednesday 11th November


Spelling focus: Practise next week's spellings using Look, Cover, Write, Check

SPAG focus: Practise using expanded noun phrases for descriptions.  

Trace the Monster outline onto a blank piece of paper.  Give the monster eyes, a nose, a mouth etc and colour it in.  Now describe your monster by using expanded noun phrases in a sentence, for example: My monster has huge, hairy feet. Remember that the expanded noun phrase should be an adjective then a comma (,) then another adjective followed by the noun that you are describing.


Today we will continue our work on division. Look at the PowerPoint slides from slide 12. Solve the problems on slides 13, 14 and 15 with a grown up. Then try worksheet 1, 2 and then try the challenge question. Remember to use division vocabulary to explain how you worked out your answers.


Have a look at the knowledge organiser for Animals including humans and try to remember what you have learnt last term. Complete the fluency test for Animals including humans.

Thursday 12th November 


Using your plan from Tuesday, your task is to put your ideas into complete sentences to describe the characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

You will need to:

  • Use lots of exciting adjectives to describe the personality of each character.
  • Use your SPAG skills from Wednesdays lesson to include expanded noun phrases as well as a range of different conjunctions to make longer sentences. 
  • Don't forget your basic skills: capital letters, full stops, clear handwriting on the line.
  • When you have finished, read through your work and make any corrections that you think might be needed. 

This is a double lesson, so give yourself plenty of time to make sure you make the best word choices and sentences. 


Finish the Mymaths homework. Login details are in your reading diary. 

Practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables by writing them and playing times tables games

Friday 13th November 


We are now practising to write letters in a cursive style. Look at the Cursive letter formation powerpoint and notice how each letter starts from the line. This will mean that you will probably be forming some letters in a completely new way.  

Practise forming the letters d, e and f in a cursive style. 

Complete 2 lines of correctly formed letters before moving to the next letter. 

Remember that 'e' should both fit within the lower half of the space.  The letter 'd' has an ascender so the round part should fit within the lower half of the space, and the stick (ascender) should touch the top line. For the letter 'f', the top will touch the top line, and the descender will come just below the lower line. 


Try and solve the Friday questions with a grown up. Then try and solve any 5 problems on the worksheet. Remember to write number sentences using the division sign and use the correct vocabulary to explain how you solved it.

Religious Education

Diwali Celebrations -Rangoli Patterns

Have a look at the powerpoints to find out all about the Diwali Celebration and rangoli patterns.

Create/draw your own rangoli pattern or colour in a pre-drawn template.

If you have a paper plate at home you could create your pattern on that.