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w/c 02.11.20

Work to be completed at home for children who are self isolating: w/c 02.11.20


Monday 02 November 


Literacy - Reading Comprehension

Choose the level most appropriate to your child's reading ability.

Yellow / Blue book band: Bonfire Night Safety (choose the 1* text and questions)

Green / Orange book band: The Friendly Witch (choose 1* text and questions)

Turquoise / Purple / Accelerated Reader 1.5-2.5: The Friendly Witch (choose 2* text and questions)

Accelerated Reader 2.6 +: The Friendly Witch (choose 3* text and questions)


Read through the information sheet about cars and transport in the 1960's. 

Find the information to complete fill the missing spaces on the worksheet.

When completed, choose your favourite car from page 2 of the information sheet.  Write at least 3 sentences explaining how it is different to modern cars of today.  You could think about:

  • How it looks 
  • What features it may or may not have (eg radio, sat nav, seat belts)
  • What is is able or unable to do (eg reach high speeds or cope with long journeys)


Start from the Paper 1(L) place value test and then move on to papers 2(M), 3(M) and 4(H). You don't have to do all the papers if you find them too hard.

Tuesday 03 November



 Watch Charlie & the Chocolate factory film clip: Chocolate Explorers

Imagine you are a golden ticket winner and you are in The Chocolate Room.  How can you describe what it is like so you can tell your friends all about it. Think about what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch, using exciting adjectives. Put your ideas on the planning sheet using bullet points or numbers for each idea.  Aim for at least 3 descriptions for each sense (see, taste, hear, smell, touch). 



Show PowerPoint to introduce multiplication. Make children aware of the different vocabulary(lots of, row, multiply, repeated addition etc).

Focus on repeated addition and what does it mean. Show the children the visual pictures on PowerPoint to explain with rabbits and lions.

Children to record the repeated addition in the worksheet. Choose any 2 worksheets . Extend the children by going back over the picture strips to add the multiplication sum next to the repeated addition sum.

Wednesday 3rd November 


SPAG skills: Conjunctions.

Practise using a range of different conjunctions in your writing.

Can you write a sentence including each of these different conjunctions: and, because, but, so, or, if, that. 

Some ideas for sentence starters are included. 


Introducing Arrays. 

Go through the powerpoint up to slide 10, and practise identifying the multiplication that is represented by the array, and making your own arrays.

Choose 6 images from the Array pictures document and work out what multiplication they represent.

Write the multiplication both ways.  If you feel confident, can you also write out the repeated addition number sentences that represent the multiplications? 

For example 3 x 4 = 12

                   4 x 3 = 12

                   4 + 4 + 4 = 12

                   3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12

Thursday 5th November 


Using your plan from Tuesday, your task is to put your ideas into complete sentences to describe The Chocolate Room. 

You will need to:

  • Use lots of exciting adjectives to describe what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.
  • Use your SPAG skills from Wednesdays lesson and include a range of different conjunctions to make longer sentences. 
  • Don't forget your basic skills: capital letters, full stops, clear handwriting on the line.
  • When you have finished, read through your work and make any corrections that you think might be needed. 

This is a double lesson, so give yourself plenty of time to make sure you make the best word choices and sentences. 


For this lesson, you are practising drawing your own arrays. 

Use the Introducing Arrays powerpoint from yesterday's lesson.  Go to slide 11 - can you draw your own arrays for the multiplications given?  Challenge - include the repeated addition number sentences. 


Friday 6th November 


We are now practising to write letters in a cursive style. Look at the Cursive letter formation powerpoint and notice how each letter starts from the line. This will mean that you will probably be forming some letters in a completely new way.  

Practise forming the letters a, b and c in a cursive style. 

Complete 2 lines of correctly formed letters before moving to the next letter. 

Remember that 'a' and 'c' should both fit within the lower half of the space.  The letter 'b' has an ascender so the round part should fit within the lower half of the space, and the stick (ascender) should touch the top line. 


Go to slide 13 of the Introducing Arrays powerpoint.  In this lesson you will be applying your knowledge of multiplication and arrays to work out the size of the chocolate bar.  When you have done that - can you work out how the chocolate bar could be shared?

Complete the second activity on slide 14. 

Challenge - can you make your own Array word problem using the chocolate bar example?

Please note: If you are finding the array work tricky, continue to practise working out the multiplications that are represented by different array pictures (Weds lesson), or drawing more arrays for multiplications (Thurs lesson).