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Tuesday 5th January

Good morning giraffe class,


The lessons we will be covering today include English, Maths and Science. Please see the breakdown below.


Maths - Use the grid method to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. Try to use place value counters or other concrete manipulatives to help you partition numbers and then multiply - do not worry if you don't have place value counters, you can simply draw these! Engage with the differentiated questions - take photos of your practical work and your recorded number sentences.


English - Setting descriptions. Follow the guide below.


Science - Use the KWL grid to share your current knowledge on our new scientific concept; Light. Use the teaching slides to consider what is meant by the terms light and dark and begin unpicking where light comes from. Use the two sorting activities to sort out those which are light sources and those which are not and then delve deeper - which of these are natural light sources? which are manmade? and which are reflective?


PSHE - Define what is meant by the term by healthy. Work through the PPT and then design a poster to promote healthy choices.