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This week we are continuing to work on an explanation text about North and South America. Today, research your own facts about the continents. Group the information you find out under different sub-headings.



In school, we are going to be setting up an investigation with ice cubes. Please have a go at this at home if possible. We want to test different materials around ice cubes e.g. cotton wool, bubble wrap, tissue etc. and observe the time it takes the ice cube to melt in each.

1. Make a predicition. Which material will be most effective? What do you expect to happen? Can you use your knowledge of particles to explain this?

2. Set up each material and ice cube. Time how long they take to melt and write down each result.

3. Write down if there were any surprising results. Think about what materials sped up the process of ice changing state and which slowed it down. Can you explain why?