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Maths - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit

This week for English, we are going to be making our own comic strips for a quest that Thor and Loki can take. Take a look at the website link to introduce comic strips. Then have a think about what quest Thor and Loki could go on and complete the box up planning for how the comic strip will beset out.


Today, we are building on from the Easter story and considering if love is stronger than death? Recap the Easter story on the following website link if needed.

Task 1: Consider how the crowd that welcomed Jesus had now turned against him before his death. How do you think the disciples felt and why? How do you think his family felt? How do you think Jesus felt?

Task 2: Write a definition of sacrifice. What does it mean/

Task 3: Draw a heart and on the inside list or draw things you love. Then draw a second heart and list things that Christians believe God loves. Write a sentence to explain what you would be willing to give up to keep these things happy/safe.

Task 4: Go back to our main question today. Is love stronger than death? What's your opinion.