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Continue with the maths from yesterday. Choose a couple of activities to complete from the place value booklet. 

Or choose one of the Activity mats for your child to complete. Depending on their confidence, choose a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star mat to complete (they increase in difficulty). You will find the stars at the bottom of the page.



Assess your child to see how many of the Year 1 Common Exception words they can read/write. You might choose to assess them on 15 at a time if 45 is too much. Please don't panic if they don't know all of them - they need to know them by the end of the year and it's still early on! 


Pick out a few of the words that they are not confident spelling and practise spelling these in a 'fun' way. This might be writing them with their finger in a tray of flour, in chalk on the path in the garden, in different coloured felt tips, on an adult's back with their finger, on a laptop/tablet etc or using one of the ideas on the document below.