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Maths - Compare 4 digit numbers


WALT: Compare numbers using the greater than and less than symbols.

Watch the video to support the lesson and then complete either the 1, 2 or 3 star activity. If you want a challenge, you can always complete all three.


WALT: plan writing to use descriptive detail to evoke a setting.

Look at the image from the stroy we are reading at school. This is the Norman camp before the battle. List or mind map the following for how you can describe the scene:

  • adjectives
  • colour adjectives
  • similes
  • alliterations
  • personification


WALT: Begin to form opinions and question historical facts.

Today we are learning about what happened after King Harold II became King in 1066. There was two Battles: The Battle of Stamford Bridge and The Battle of Hastings. Take a look at the slides explaining the Bayeux Tapestry, which provides details about what happened at the Battle of Hastings. Then complete the activity.


WALT: Listen and respond respectfully.

In school we are continuing posters about a partner. If possible, ask someone at home the questions cards and make a poster about them. If not, make a poster about you. Answering the question cards to provide lots of information about yourself.