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Tuesday 3rd November

To represent numbers in different ways.

Give your child a number below 20. Using the sheet, your child should have a go at showing that number in different ways e.g. as a tally, in words, as a numeral, in pictures, on a ten frame, on a number line etc. Your child could complete a couple of these sheets. If you don’t have access to a printer then the children could draw each representation.

Depending on your child’s confidence you might decide to choose a certain number.

1 star – choose numbers below 5/10
2 star – choose numbers below 20
3 star – choose numbers below 20 to begin with. Could they try a number below 50? Could they show the number in tens and ones? E.g. This number represents 44 as it has 4 tens and 4 ones. 


To be able to use and understand the five senses. 


Talk about the 5 senses with your child (see, hear, smell, taste and touch/feel). Ask them to look around the room and discuss things that they can see, smell, hear etc. Encourage them to use an adjective (describing word) to describe e.g. bright light, bumpy carpet, noisy cars. 


Ask your child to go on a 'senses walk' around the house/garden/to the front door. They can take their home learning book around with them to write down what they can see/hear/feel etc. You may need to prompt them e.g. What can you hear now? What can you touch now? etc. 

Share the information about Remembrance and discuss any thoughts around this. This would be a great opportunity for questions. Create a piece of poppy artwork to commemorate Remembrance Day. Your child can be as creative as they like! I have put some ideas but the artwork can take any form and your child can use whatever they like to create the artwork. I would love to see a photo of their artwork.