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This week we are completing a math's assessment. If you could read the questions together and ensure your child completes the questions independently so we know what learning is consolidated  and their next steps. Number cards 1-10 are needed. Objects and pictures can be used to support this - please note this on which areas of learning. This is quite a long assessment so a couple of breaks may be needed! 


Support with Part 1 - Number Recognition

Ask your child to say the numbers out of sequence. 


Support with Part 2 - Number Composition 

Select a number card and ask child where on the part-part whole model this goes. Ask your child what is each part of this number. For example: 8 is the whole number, 4 and 4 are the parts. 


Select a number card and ask which numbers added together make this number. Use 2 different colours to show this on the ten frame.


Please don't hesitate to Dojo myself if you need any further support with the assessment. 


Share the Powerpoint together about Healthy eating and healthy living. 


How do we look after ourselves? Write a list together and draw pictures to match. 

Why is it so important to look after ourselves? 

What do you think you could do to get even better at looking after yourself?