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Maths - WALT: Use years, months, weeks and days. Take a look through the Powerpoint questions before completing the differentiated question sheet (choosing a level to complete). Then take a look at the White Rose question sheet, working through each question. 


English - This week, we are looking at persuasive advertisement writing. WALT: use persuasive words and phrases. Take a look at the persuasive writing in advertisments Powerpoint to recall the language features we use to persuade. On the Hotel Advertisement WAGOLL, annotate/highlight persuasive features you can spot. Next, take a look at the persuasive devices Powerpoint and A FOREST. Write down what A FOREST stands for and find an example for each in the WAGOLL. 


PSCHE - WALT: Know the importance of personal hygiene. Think about what 'personal' hygiene means and why people sweat. Sweat can produce an odour or smell so washing clothes can make life a whole lot sweeter. Produce an advert/poster that encourages young people to stay clean and remember their personal hygiene.