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WALT: Order money.

Today, we will be ordering money. Take a look through the Powerpoint to get you started. Then have a practise by writing down some different money amounts on different slips of paper and then ordering them in ascending order. Choose one of the levels of the mastery questions to complete and afterwards complete the White Rose question sheet.



WALT: Answer a range of reading comprehension questions.

Take a look at the reading comprehension text and then answer the given comprehension questions.



WALT: Recognise and challenge stereotypes.

1. Discuss comics and how they can often be aimed at boys or girls. What might be the differences? Are the differences accurate? Can everyone like Spiderman or Cinderella?

2. Discuss what a stereotype is and what this looks like. Do you think it is fair? Is is okay to have something only for boys or girls?

3. Design a magazine cover that could appeal to both boys and girls.

4. Make a list of different jobs. Choose one job and list the skills needed. Talk about how both girls and boys can acquire these skills. What job would you like yo do when you grow up and what skills will you need?