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Maths - Today, we are counting in tenths. Discuss how many tenths make a whole? Take a look through the PDF slides for today's lesson. Then complete either the 1, 2 or 3 star activity (or you could even work though each of the sheets).


English - We are going to look at persuasive language today. Take a look at activity one first, where there is a table of different words. Colour code (using three different colours) the negative, neutral and positive words. Once completed, use the persuasive word cards to produce a speech (this can be written down or recorded) to persuade. The speech needs to be on one of the persuasive letter writing choices from yesterday's task. 

Yesterday's choices were: 

Persuade Mrs Houseman to get rid of school uniform 
Convince Mrs Thorpe to let us sit next to our friends 
Encourage the kitchen staff to serve chips every day 


Geography - This term we are going to be studying North and South America. Today, we are taking a look at the continents of the world. Read through the Powerpoint slides, before completing the labelling of the continents worksheet.