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Maths - Complete the Addition and Subtraction Assessment Paper today. Once completed, take a look at the answers to mark your paper.


English - Complete the reading booklet that you began yesterday. Today, you will be reading a poem and a non-ficiton text. Once you have completed all of the reading booklet, take a look at the mark scheme to mark your answers.


Science - We are going to take a look at our egg investigation today. I will send some photos over on Class Dojo, so you can take a look at what has happened to each egg in the water, vinegar and cola. Write up the investigation, including a method (what we are investigation), prediction, results and conclusion. For your conclusion can you link the investigation back to your teeth and why it is important to look after them.

We are going to begin to take a look at this December wellbeing calendar in school today. Have a look at the calendar yourself for the 1st of December.