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Maths - Today, we are solving division calculations with the short division method. Take a look at the Powerpoints to go through dividing a 2 digit or 3 digit number by a 1 digit number. Then choose to either complete the 2 digit or 3 digit division questions.


English - On Friday, we will be writing our Newspaper report on Edwin's adventure into the Norman camp. Complete the following two tasks to plan parts of your report. 

1. Write a catchy headline (trying to make is short and use an alliteration) 

2. Write a quote by 'interviewing' another character in the story e.g. Lord Wolf or Osric. What would they say about Edwin travelling into the Norman camp? 


Science - Watch the video below to introduce the different types of teeth humans have. Label the tooth diagram with the different types of teeth. Then match the functions to the correct type of tooth.