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Tuesday 24/11/20

Tuesday 24th November 



So far our creative writing has been based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - a story that you know and are familiar with.  This week you are writing about the setting for your own story idea. The Lesson intro document below includes a picture that you will be using and some questions to help you get ideas about how you could start your story. There is also a link to Pobble 365 which includes some starter activities to help you think about the detail of your story setting. After you have had a think about it, use the Planning Sheet to plan out your story setting. Remember this is just the start of the story - not the complete story.  You will need to think about the 5 W's: Who, What, When, Where, Why.  Use adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe each of these aspects. 


The aim of our lesson is to understand that division of one number by the other cannot be done in any order. Remember that the biggest number has to be first in a division number sentence (ie the multiplications sum answer).

Play this game with a grown up to understand that with division the biggest number has to come first not in any order like multiplication but show how the other two number can be swapped around.

See Tue worksheet.

To look for patterns and understand the commutative multiplication from Mon lessons by swapping the factors in the multiplication sum but keeping the product the same. 

Now to have a go at completing columns 2 and 3 and recording the 2 inverse operation division sums.

Challenge – To write your own multiplication sums and then write the commutative and 2 inverses operations.

Ext: You can play a game on division problems.


Being Me - Explore ways in which we are all unique

Positive Mental Health


Arrange some mats or cushions on the floor so they resemble stepping stones in a swamp. Ask your child to use their imagination to pretend they must cross the 'swamp' to find happiness. Imagine there are crocodiles in the swamp and the only way to stop the crocodiles from nibbling their toes is for them to think positively and say something good about themselves.


Make a list of the positive things that you said to get yourself across the swamp. Eg I am good at taking turns and sharing or I help others or I smile at my friends etc

Talk about how saying good things about themselves made them feel. Maybe Mum or Dad might want to join in and have a go at crossing the swamp!


End the session by finishing this sentence -'I am special and unique because....'