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Tuesday 1st December

Good morning everyone, 


Please find a breakdown of today's learning below.


English - Reading comprehension. Engage with either of the two reading papers below. Remember to use our 'cracking comprehension' techniques. Have a highlighter ready to help you unpick the text and to find the answer. Remember to use the text - don't pick out the answer from knowledge you think you may have!


Phonics - Use Acorn Adventure on Phonics Play to engage with alternative pronunciations of the 'c' grapheme. Read words cat, crisp, coat, curls, clock, cell, acid, success, accent, ice and begin sorting them based on the sound they make.


Maths - Arithmetic Paper 1 Assessment. Engage with all of the questions within this paper. See how many questions you can answer within 45 minutes, if you didn't finish all of the paper then mark the page with a star to show where you were up to and then complete the rest. Remember to read the questions carefully and use a method to check your answers. 


Art - Create your own landscape in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. Plan your own landscape by sketching/drawing first - remember to use a mixture of lines (curves, sideways, short/long, circles and swirls). Once complete add some colour to your landscape using pictures. You can choose one of the landscapes below or choose your own.