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Tuesday 17th November

To use the vocabulary equals to.


Show children two piles of their toys which have the same amount in each. Ask them to count the objects – which word should we use to describe them? Can we say one is less? Can we say one is more? Agree that you cannot so what should we do now? Introduce the word ‘equal to’ and that it means the same/they are balanced/identical.


Choose one of the tasks for your child to complete depending on their confidence. Ask them to count each amount and then draw the same amount next to each pile. Explain that each set are 'equal'. 


1 star - numbers below 10

2 star numbers below 20 

3 star - numbers below 100 - they could draw a different representation of that number e.g. if 83 is written in words they could show the same amount as a tally.




To understand that my family is special to me. 


Say the sentence starter 'A family looks like...' to your child. Ask them to draw a picture on a small piece of paper to go with that sentence starter. Explain that we are going to come back to that picture in a couple of weeks to see if their opinions have changed.



Ask your child... What is a family? Explain that your family is the people who love you and look out for you. This could include parents, brother and sisters, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins etc. Ask your child... does someone have to live with you to be family? Does someone have to be related to you to be family? Can your family include your friends? Can your family include pets? Gather children’s thoughts and opinions.


Ask your child think about the people in their family.


Imagine you are developing a picture to represent your family. What would it look like? Show examples of ideas e.g. family tree, finger prints, collage. Ask your child to produce a family portrait including pets, labelling who they are. 


Share the sentence starter…  'My family is special because...' with your child and ask them to complete the sentence.


Underneath their picture ask them to write and complete the sentence:  My family is special because...