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Tuesday 17/11/20

Tuesday 17th November


Today we are planning a recount about what happened to Veruca in The Nut Room in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Watch this film clip:

Thinking about each stage in this part of the story, make notes in short sentence / idea form using the planning sheet. 

WILF: Write about each stage in chronological order.  Use adjectives and noun phrases to describe.  As you are writing about something that has already happened, you will need to write in the past tense. 


Today we are going to continue our work from yesterday and learn about the relationship between multiplication and division.

You can watch this video to recap your learning from yesterday.


Have a go at doing either page 1 or page 2 or both from the worksheet given below. Try page 1 if you feel this is a bit tricky and page 2 if you feel confident.


Being Me-What makes you special?

Read or listen to a Mr Men or Little Miss Story by Roger Hargreaves.


Here is a link to Mr Brave...


  • Think about why that character is special. Finish the sentence-Mr Brave is special because…
  • If you were a Little Miss or Mr. Men character who would you be? Mr. Kind, Miss Energetic, Mr. Facts, Miss Lego, Mr. Cook, Miss Footballer or anything else? Why?
  • Create/Make up your own Little Miss or Mr Men character/s. Draw a picture of them and name them then explain why you chose that character(s)