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Tuesday 13th July

Mini Literacy


Look at the pictures below from the England vs Italy match. 


Can you create some sentences about them? 


Remember to say them, count the words and repeat the sentence!


What do you need to remember to create a super sentence? 


Remember to see if you can use an 'and' or 'because' to extend your sentence! 





Using two plates and 5 pieces of fruit (or any resources), share out incorrectly by placing 2 pieces of fruit on one plate and 3 pieces of fruit on the other. Is this equal? Why not? What does equal mean? (fair) How do we make sure it is equal? What could we do to resolve this?


Discuss how somebody else has decided to come round. Add in an additional plate. How do we make sure it is shared into 3 equal groups? How do we share 8 pieces of fruit? 10 pieces? How many do they get each?


Look at the picture below. Discuss how we can cross out each item as we draw it on the plate. 


Copy the picture and practise crossing off the pictures. 



Practise sharing and crossing out using the activity below.