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Thursday 5th November

Read and write numbers in numerals and words (11-20)


Ask your child to read the number in numerals and have a go at writing that same number in words e.g. 11 = eleven, 12 = twelve. Use the word mat for support. With the second table, ask the children to try to read the number in words. Notice that most of the numbers end in ‘teen’. Encourage them to use their phonics knowledge to help them segment and blend the word. Encourage them to use the initial sound of some of the trickier words to help them work out what number it is e.g. fifteen starts with the /f/ sound so what number starts with the /f/ sound? Children to write that number in numerals. Check they are writing the number the correct way around.

Select one of the levels of challenge for this activity depending on how confident you think your child is.



Starter - Follow the link below to play 'What's that sound?' Ask your child to listen to the sound but don't let them see the screen!  


It's the 5th of November today! Ask your child if they know why this date is special? It's Bonfire Night! Hold a 'virtual' Bonfire Night together and ask your child questions to get them talking about the 5 senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch/feel).


Darken the room as much as possible. Take your child on an imaginary ‘journey’ – “we have just arrived at the bonfire! Put on your hat and gloves. Oh look, I can see the bonfire in the distance. Display the link below on your screen with the sound.

Question the senses and gather a range of responses, encouraging your child to extend their ideas and possibly think ‘outside of the box’ – e.g. not just see a fire, but can see bright orange flames, burning wood… Hear the howling wind…
“Hooray, it is time for the fireworks!” – play some of the fireworks clips: and again question and gather responses.


Ask your child to record words or sentences to describe the 5 senses at your virtual Bonfire Night.





Present your child with the pictures of the objects and artefacts linking to Guy Fawkes (but do not tell them that they link to him/who he is!). Discuss with them what they think each of the different things are. What do they notice about them? What might be the story behind them all? If they have a sibling at home with them, ask them their ideas too to see if they have any different thoughts or opinions. 


Then, provide or display (and make a quick table in their books) of the enquiry sheet resourced below and support your child to complete each box with their ideas. If they have multiple ideas, it is fine for them to write them all - they do not have to decide on one as this is the 'enquiry' stage. 

Prompt them with questions such as:

  • What do you think about this person? Does he look friendly or is he unkind?
  • When do you think this person was born? Does he look like he is young or old? Is he around now (present) or a long time ago (past)?
  • What clues tell us this person lived a very long time ago? Can they use clues about his appearance, clothes, objects etc. to piece this together?
  • What could each of these objects be? Why would this person need these things?
  • What could this person’s job have been?