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Learning objective: To be able to solve a given problem by adding two numbers together.


Today’s lesson is a chance for your child to practice their skills of this week in a different context, which is something we always aim to do to check how secure they are with the skill that has been taught.

Please work though either the ‘1, 2, or 3 star’ problem solving questions resourced. Your child may need you to support them slightly more on this to help them understand what the question is asking of them, but then should be able to work out the answers independently using their preferred method of addition done this week or last week (number lines/counting on with pictures/counting on using fingers) once they are clear on what numbers they are working with.
Please see which challenge (1, 2 or 3) you think would suit your child’s capability but remember it is the practice of applying the skill that is most important, rather than them being able to do the hardest questions. I would be very satisfied for all children just to do the one star as this is tricky enough but the challenge is there for those that want it!




As a warm up activity, access Phonics Play again:, and this time access either the 'Buried Treasure' or 'Picnic on Pluto' games (both have the same focus, just with a different theme!). 

Play as many rounds as your child will engage with. The aim of the game is for your child to read the word (sounding out carefully) and deciding if it is REAL ('treasure' / 'Bob') or NONSENSE ('trash' / 'Obb). Some of the words may be real but unfamiliar to your child, so please explain what these words mean to them to deepen their vocabulary.

Mrs Wilkins/Mrs Dowthwaite's phonics group: Select either phase 2 > 'revise all phase 2', or phase 3 and select a focus sound that you may have noticed your child is less confident with or could do with further practise of. 

Miss Hardaker's group: Select phase 3 > 'revise all phase 3'. If there are any particular sounds you have noticed your child struggling with over the past few days, you could play a round practising this as a focus sound. 

Miss Nadin's group: Select phase 4 > 'revise all phase 4'. If there are any particular sounds you have noticed your child struggling with over the past few days, you could play a round practising this as a focus sound from the phase 3 option.


Task 2: 

A year 1 objective from the National Curriculum, is for children to be able to 'write simple sentences dictated by the teacher that include words using the graphemes and phonemes taught'. 

Therefore, to consolidate this week's learning, please read aloud the given sentences for your child to write down. Encourage them to remember the basic skills of writing: on the line, finger spaces, sounded out carefully and try and remind them to start their sentence with a capital letter. You may read the sentence numerous times, or continually repeat it (as a whole) while they are writing. 


Your child does not need to do all of these! Up to 5 would be great - but whatever they can manage :)