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Access the 'Phonics Play' website again: to support your child to continue practising and consolidating their phonics knowledge. 

Begin with the 'Pick a Picture' game (Resources (along the top) > phase 3 and scroll down to find the game). This game will support their reading and blending of the graphemes.


Mrs Wilkins/Mrs Dowthwaite's phonics group: Select the 'phase 2' and 'phase 3 - set 6-7' options.

Miss Hardaker's and Miss Nadin's phonics groups: Select the 'phase 3 - digraphs' option. 


 Next, have a go at the 'Rocket Rescue' game. This game will support their spelling and segmenting of the graphemes. 

Mrs Wilkins/Mrs Dowthwaite's group: Select the phase 2 option.

Miss Hardaker's group: Select the phase 3 option.

Miss Nadin's group: Select the phase 4 option. 



Alternatively (or additionally if your child is super keen!) they could apply their reading skills to the caption/picture matching below. If you do not have a printer, you could just load this up and your child show you the matching picture. OR you could write some of the sentences, and your child could draw a picture to match. 




Yesterday, your child was reminded that addition means ‘altogether’, finding the ‘total’ and ‘adding more’.  
Today, your child is going to be introduced to the use of a number line to support their addition skills.  

Your child will have seen a number line before and they have been used to support counting on, however they have not yet used one for adding two numbers.  

Share the image of the number line on the PowerPoint and discuss with your child what they can tell you about it.  
Question: Which direction are the numbers getting bigger? Smaller? What would be the next number on the number line (that we can’t see)?  
Introduce that they are going to use a number line to help them add today. Question: If you are adding, do you get more or less? Will the number be bigger or smaller than what you started with? 
Play this video to briefly introduce, emphasising the way that we jump to make sure our starting number gets bigger.
Then, reiterate this through the slides below (‘Number lines input’). 


Please print or draw some number lines for your child to complete the addition sums on the resource below: ‘number lines activity 1.’ 

If your child has found this easy, please go back to the 'Number lines input' and show them the new question to extend them further.  
Question: What is different about this number sentence? (The middle number is missing!). Discuss that this is the number that you are adding to the first one (5), in order to get to the total (11). Highlight that this is how many jumps are needed on the number line → “How many more than 5 we need to get to 11”.  


Recap the steps of this through the rest of the number lines input then allow your child to complete some independently with the resource: ‘number lines activity 2’.