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Thursday 3rd December

English (2 lessons)


Lesson 1

Starter: Ask your child how many features of a letter can you remember? Ask them to list them in their home learning book e.g. address, date, who you are writing to, introduction, main part of the letter, who has written the letter.


Tell your child that they are going to be writing their own letter later on this morning to someone in their own home but before they do that they are going to plan what they are going to put in their letter.

Discuss: who could our letter be for? What could the purpose of our letter be? What could we talk about in our letter?


Using the planning grid, help your child to think of who they are going to send it to in their home and what could go into each part of the letter. Your child could draw pictures and write a few key words into each section of the planning grid. This will help them whenit comes to writing their letter later on.


Lesson 2

Talk about your address with your child. Can they learn it off by heart?

Ask them to write their address in the top right hand corner on a page in their home learning book. Ask your child to write the date underneath. 

On the left hand side on a line below the address and date ask them to write Dear and the name of the person they are writing to. Let your child use the planning grid to help them write their letter. Ask your child to end their letter From and then their name.

You could then ask your child to write their letter up in 'best' and then put it in an envelope. They could write their address on the front.


Afternoon session - Spelling - Year 1 Words

Hold a mini spelling test! You don't need to tell your child that it is a test - you are just seeing what they know! Using the list of the words that children should be able to read and spell by the end of Year 1, test your child on reading the words and then spelling them. They could write the spellings into their home learning book.