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Mini Maths


What is doubling? Discuss how it is always adding the same number again. 


Discuss using fingers - place one finger up on one hand - where is his/her friend? Double 1 is ....

Use objects to practise learning further for bigger numbers. 


Complete the doubling ladybirds sheet below. 


Using Splat the Square, splat all the doubles - do you start to notice a pattern? 


Understanding the World - RE 


Today, we are going to read the story of Noah's Ark.  Discuss how this is a story from a special book called the Bible that Christians find very important. Why do Christians find it special? Discuss how Christians believe it is special messages from God to teach them about how to live their life better in the way God wants them to. 


Share the story of Noah's Ark. What happened at the beginning, middle and end? Who were the characters? What was the setting? What do you think God was trying to tell Noah and his family? 


Can you think of a book that is special to you? Why is it special to you? 




Explain that our Noah’s Ark story has not been given a front cover so they will need to design one so that people will want to pick it up and read it. Draw the front cover of the story 'Noah's Ark'. Discuss the front cover and what it shows. Can you then draw your favourite book? 



Mini Literacy


Look at the picture below from the Paddington Bear goes to Hospital story. What do you think is happening in the picture? 


Can you write a sentence about the picture? What does a good piece of writing include? 


Discuss capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, and/because/but, listening to the sounds in each word and checking your sentence.