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Maths 1 - Log on to TT Rockstars and complete 5 games of the Sound Check mode. Once completed, have a go at the other modes. You might also want to have a go at the hit the button game on the follwing link.


Maths 2 - Take a look at the teaching video for today, which will explain how to use a fraction wall to find equivalent fractions. Once you have completed the learning video, complete either the 1 or 2 star word problems by writing the answers in your books. As an extension, you might want to complete the extension activity or the challenge task.


PSHE - Discuss that the children understand by the term 'change'.

Task 1: List or mind map changes they have experienced in their life e.g. moving house, changed school, got taller, got better at reading, made new friends etc.

Task 2: Discuss the difference between a comfortable and an uncomfortable emotion. Draw a table with three headings - Change, Emotion, Comfortable/Uncomfortable (see PDF for example). Then complete with each changes, what emotion you would feel and whether they feel they comfortable or uncomfortable emotions.


Spelling practise - Today, we will take a look at words that we have taken from the French language. These words all contain a 'sh' sound which is spelt with 'ch'.
Task 1: Write down your spelling words (have 3 attempts, covering them up each time).

Task 2: Take a look at the pictures. What can you see? Which word in your spelling list does the picture match too?

Task 3: Have a look at the wordsearch. Can you spot all of the words hidden in the grid?


Extension Activity: Log on to Spelling Shed to also practise this week's spelling list.

Maths Lesson 1 Teaching Video

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Maths Lesson 2 Teaching Video

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