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Now that you have up levelled all those sentences, we will use that quality vocabulary in our writing.

You can choose any of the titles that we have up levelled this week.

Write a short story, based on your favourite scenario.

Remember to include all our Year Six 'tricks' for a fantastic piece of writing.

Check for a range of punctuation, sentence structure and included your newly developed vocabulary.

For you History lesson, you have been asked to choose an 'event' that was of importance in Ancient Greece.

Research the event, and present your information. You can choose how you would like to do that. It could be a written piece of work, a fact file, or even a comic book....

The aim is to use this to teach someone else what you have learned.

Show your sibling / family member what you have done.

Don't forget to share it with your teacher too !


I have included a power point about the Trojan war. 

You only need to use this as inspiration - you can choose whatever event interests you.

If you are stuck for ideas however, it is fine to choose the Trojan war as your event.