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Thursday 26/11/20

Thursday 26th November 



Using your plan from Tuesday, today you will be writing out the start to your own story - the story 'opener'. This should be a detailed description of the setting including what you can see and what is happening.  It is very important that you make it exciting with lots of adjectives and expanded noun phrases so that the reader can easily imagine the scene without having to look at the picture. Use the plan for ideas but add to it by using a range of different conjunctions (and, but, because, so, or).  You should aim to write at least 12 sentences, most of which should include a conjunction. The story opener can be written in either the past or present tense, but whichever you choose, you will need to use throughout your writing. 

When you have finished make sure you read through your work, see if you can edit it by improving word choices, and then proof-read for any mistakes in spelling or punctuation. 

Please see below for another image of The Plot. 


Finish the Mymaths homework if you haven't done it yet. 

Practise the 2,5 and 10 times tables by writing them. Now try the 4 times tables. Can you use the 2 times tables to work out the 4 times tables?

Design and Technology 

In preparation for our 1960s party next week we are designing our own bite-sized food on cocktail sticks this week. Use the PowerPoint below to show your child examples of these. What does your child think about the idea? Which one would they like to taste? 

Talk to your child through the design brief on 'Your Task' then the ingredients they could use.

Can your children design 3 different cocktail sticks on the Design Sheet provided or re-create a similar design sheet if you do not have access to a printer. 

We look forward to receiving your child's designs ready for next week when we actually make and eat them!