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Thursday 19th November

Happy Thursday giraffes,


Maths 1 - Subtracting using the column method. Look at the website link to refresh your memory on subtracting using the column method before tackling the tasks at the end of the page.

Maths 2 - Using addition for missing subtraction calculations.

It doesn’t matter where it is above the equal bar, to find out the missing number to an addition calculation, you must always subtract the numbers above the equal bar from the number inside it.  Use the numbers within the column and have a go at the examples below.  Choose your own star.

History - Recap the ordering of historical periods you have studied since your time at Dovedale. Can you remember the order and then recall some of the dates? Focus on the Victorian period. Use PowerPoint to familiarise yourself with this period of history. Explore objects linking to this time - predict what you think these were and then research what they were called and what they were used for. 


If you would like to complete further tasks then remember you can read your book to an adult, practice your spellings or times tables or even complete some Lexia at home if you would usually complete this in school.