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Maths 1 - Where possible, play the rounding game with another person in your household. Use the game/recording sheet, which is enough for 3 games.

How to play:

1. The first player rolls a dice twice and chooses which two-digit number they would like to make from the numbers rolled.

2. They then have to round this to the nearest value of 10, find the matching circle on the recording sheet and write their two-digit number in one of the spaces in that circle.

3. Player two rolls a dice twice to take their turn in a similar way.

4. A circle is complete when it has two numbers in it and this scores a point for the person who wrote the second number in (even if the first number was writtn in by the other player).

5. The game is over when all the circles are full and then the points are counted up to find the winner.


Maths 2 - Log on to TT Rockstars. Complete the sound check mode at least 5 times before going on the other modes/games. Let me know your high score!


Spanish - After working on the days of the week in Spanish last week, we are taking a look at an interactive text to see what Spanish language/days of the week we can pick up on. Take a look at the script provided and identify any words you can in English, at least spotting the days of the week.

Maths - Rounding Game