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Thursday 19/11/20

Thursday 19th November 


Using your plan from Tuesday, today you will be writing a recount of what happened in The Nut Room.  Use words such as 'then', 'next', 'suddenly' and 'after that' to link each event. 

WILF: Write about each stage in chronological order, using the past tense. 

Use adjectives and noun phrases for descriptions.  Use a range of different conjunctions to make longer sentences. 

Aim for 15 sentences in total.  When you think you have finished, read through your work, edit it (make any improvements) and proof-red it for spelling errors. 


Today we are going to recall multiplication and division facts for the 2,5,10 times tables. Follow the PowerPoint and draw the multiplication grid to solve the table.

Now try and draw the division grid using the Division grid PowerPoint.


Finish the Mymaths homework if you haven't done it yet.

Design & Technology

In preparation for our 1960s party food project during DT, this week we are learning about food health, safety and hygiene rules. Please share the attached 'PowerPoint- Food Health, Safety and Hygiene' (pause at stages to read for your child) and 'Appendix 6 - Hygiene Rules' with your child. Following this can your child design a poster that shows these rules? They could be as creative as they like. We look forward to seeing your child's completed posters back at school. 

PowerPoint video- Food health, safety and hygiene .mp4

Still image for this video