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Thursday 12th November



Recap previous learning on adjectives - what are these? (Describing words) - can your child give you an example of an adjective? If necessary, give them some nouns as prompts, e.g. apple, elephant, witch, princess, shark, and see if they can think of at least one word to describe each. 


Next, reiterate through the PDF PowerPoint resourced below and read the given sentences together. Can your child add adjectives into the sentence to improve it? Reveal the given sentence on the following slide/page.


In your child's book, ask them to draw a small picture of either themselves, you or another family member or friend of choice with enough space to label around it. (You may want to draw a small box for them to draw inside).

Support your child to label the picture with adjectives for as many different features as they can (hair, eyes,lips, cothes, personality...) - e.g. 'soft' next to their hair and 'shiny' for their teeth. 


Once completed, encourage them to put some of their ideas into a full sentence. E.g:

This is ___ (lovely/kind/clever)___ name.

She has ____, _____ hair.

Her eyes are _____ and __(colour)__.




Encourage your child to make sure they are applying all their good writing skills - writing on the line, finger spaces, capital letters and sounding out carefully. 



Ask your child to either roll a dice or give them numbers at random. Ask your child to find one more or one less than the given number. You can either print out the sheet or ask your child to write this into their home learning book.

For a challenge you could ask your child to roll the dice twice or give them 2 numbers. Ask your child to add the numbers together and then find one more or one less.





What days/times might people 'celebrate'? How many can your child think of? (Christmas, Easter, birthdays, halloween, bonfire night, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Harvest, wedding, Baptisms etc...)


Introduce that today your child is going to learn about a Christian festival called the Harvest Festival. What do they think this is? 

Alongside the PowerPoint resourced below, explain that a harvest festival is a celebration of the food that is grown on the land. Celebrations giving thanks for our food, happen in many countries around the world.  In Britain, harvest festivals are often celebrated in churches by bringing baskets of food to give thanks to God. People enjoy singing, praying, listening to stories and decorating the church.

Christians believe God made the world and everything in it. Christians also thank God for the variety of food and everything that helps the food to grow.


Discuss with your child and thoughts and questions they have about the Harvest Festival. Why do they think it is important for Christians?


Explain that next week in the class we are going to be holding a Christian Harvest celebration. We will be listening to stories, singing, listening to a prayer, decorating the classroom and bringing in food. 

To get ready for the 'Harvest Festival', it is your child's job to make some decorations that we can use in the classroom to make our celebration special.

Please find resourced a range of ideas for you/your child to choose from based on the resources you have available, or they might have some of their own ideas. Feel free to adapt as you wish!