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Summer Term 1

Friday 29th April 2022

Welcome back! We are refreshed from our 2 week break and are already having seedling success from the halfterm holiday homework.  Well done, to our green-fingered children.

Homework for 6/05/22 = MyMaths, spellings, reading and times tables.

Friday 6th May

We've had great fun this week discovering different types of rocks and making tiles out of clay.  Now we have learnt about Tudor houses, we can compare them to the Victorian ones we learnt about earlier in the year!  We are also become experts in coding and able to use loops to repeat instructions.

Homework for 13/05/22 =, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 13th May

We now know that different types of rocks were formed from different places, some under the sea and some within volcanoes.  We have also made some coil pots from clay and learnt that the clay poppies displayed around the Tower of London were actually made in Derbyshire!

Homework for 20/05/22 = TTRockStars Battle, spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 20th May

We have been learning all about the Globe theatre and have been writing instructions on how to entertain people in Elizabethan times. We have also learnt that sedimentary rocks are where fossils are formed and could be found.  We have also been enjoying learning different athletic sports and perfecting our techniques in throwing, running and jumping.

Homework for 27/05/22 = MyMaths , spellings, reading and times tables.


Friday 27th May

What an amazing end to the half term with a fantastic Platinum Jubilee day! We've made some lovely Tudor Roses out of clay with a partner.  We've learnt about the coronation, the role of the queen and enjoyed the traditions of making bunting, having a "tea party", parading in our jubilee crowns and singing God save the queen together as a whole school.  What a great end to May!  Homework for 10/06/22 = spellings, reading and times tables.